Controlled Chaos Consulting


A little about myself.



Why, hello there!

My name is


Cassy Loseke.

Let’s get creative!
Or contact me if you want to send me delicious recipes, tips on the best kayaking locations or breath-taking traveling spots. Or let me know if you want to grab a coffee in Phoenix and chat about the latest industry trends.

I’m inspired by communicating through written word with some visual stimulation.

I'm a big believer in working hard, understanding your mission (and your audience) and having a little fun, too. I'm driven by relationships and was born a communicator with a bit of the design bug.

I originally thought I would be a journalist, teacher or novel writer, so I'd like to say I ended up somewhere in the happy median of communications and design. Life is controlled chaos, so I don't mind doing my part to put it in order. I love to create.

Have some chaos you need corralled?
I can help with writing, editing, public relations, design or events! I have ten years of experience working with and contracting for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit and academic organizations, family-owned franchises and public relations firms. I'm proud to give my clients a final product that helps them reach their goals while keeping within budget.